What Should – And Shouldn’t – Be On A Law Firm’s Letterhead

A law firm letterhead serves as a representation of the firm and its services. It is a crucial component of a firm’s branding strategy and provides essential information to clients, including the firm’s name, contact information, and attorney names. However, not all information should be included on a letterhead for law firms. Here are some things that should and shouldn’t be on a law firm’s paper.

What should be on a law firm’s letterhead:

Firm name and logo: A law firm’s name and logo should be prominently displayed on its letterhead. This helps clients identify the firm and establishes its brand.

Contact information: A law firm’s letterhead should include its address, phone number, fax number, and email address. This information makes it easy for clients to contact the firm and schedule appointments.

Attorney names and titles: The names and titles of the attorneys at the firm should be included on the letterhead. This lets clients know who they will be working with and helps establish the firm’s expertise in different practice areas.

Bar admissions: It’s important to note the states where attorneys are admitted to practice law. This information is required in many jurisdictions and helps establish the firm’s credibility.

Disclaimer: Law firms commonly include a release on their letterhead stating that the information provided is not legal advice and that an attorney-client relationship has not been established. This protects the firm from liability and helps set expectations for clients.

Awards and accolades: While it’s excellent to tout the firm’s accomplishments, including them on the letterhead is unnecessary. This information can be included on the firm’s website or marketing materials.

Slogans or taglines: While slogans and sayings can be catchy, they don’t necessarily add value to a law firm’s letterhead. It’s better to focus on providing critical information to clients.

Social media handles: While it’s essential for law firms to have a presence on social media, it’s not necessary to include social media handles on the letterhead. This information can be included on the firm’s website or marketing materials.

Images or graphics: While a law firm’s logo is essential, including additional images or pictures on the letterhead is unnecessary. This can make the paper look cluttered and detract from its purpose.

A law firm’s letterhead is an essential component of its branding strategy. It should include the firm’s name and logo, contact information, attorney names and titles, bar admissions, and a disclaimer. Including awards and accolades, slogans or taglines, social media handles, or images or graphics is unnecessary. By keeping the letterhead simple and informative, law firms can establish credibility and make it easy for clients to contact them.